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Dig a hole machine assembly method

1. In the assembly process should try to use special tools and equipment.

2. Before the assembly of the assembly should be carefully cleaned. Assembly process, should strictly keep clean, no dirt on exist in the assembly and the assembly surface can cause the sharp wear parts, even the machine can't operate properly. After drilling, the ream or boring parts, using compressed air blowing off.

(3) on the components of the friction surface, assembly should wear good lubricating oil, the machine to run a can get enough lubrication. Felt resistance oil ring after wash to be soaked in oil to oil penetration.

4. Replace the liner in the repair must strict attention to its thickness, because the thickness of the gasket is one parts assembly gap between each other, thus affecting the technical performance of the machine. When installing liner on both sides should be painted a layer of grease (engine cylinder exception), liner is not allowed to have a flex, cracks, uneven thickness, defects such as lap or crock mouth to each other.

5. All that is used to lock bolt, nut of the lock plate, wire and split pin to check carefully, there are defects such as cracks, buckling of must be replaced, be sure to lock the safe and reliable.

6. The screw down the bolt, nut, try not to use adjustable wrench, you should use a variety of standard or special wrench open end wrench, the important parts of bolt, nut also should use the torque wrench, torque tighten by the regulation.

7. Install has oil, oil hole, oil tank and pipeline parts, must be repeated check whether the oil hole and the oil hole is for each other.

8. To locate parts during installation must verify each other's position, direction signs, and adjust the clearance, to ensure the normal operation of machine elements. Such as piston and connecting rod in the assembly to pay attention to the direction and timing gear should be to ensure that the correct oil, ignition and the distribution of time.