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How to reduce the fuel consumption earth auger

The hang of digging machines to reduce fuel consumption

Digging machines use after a period of time will need regular maintenance, here we also summarizes some tips to reduce fuel consumption.

A, to maintain proper cooling water temperature. Engine should be in the best temperature condition and work, because of the water temperature too high or too low will make fuel consumption will increase, will increase the cost of production.

Second, the correct use of the brake. The tractor was driving less as far as possible with the brake. Because of incorrect brake not only can increase the wear and tear of parts, but also can increase the power consumption, and increase fuel consumption.

Third, to prevent the fuel oil dripping. On a regular basis to detect engine fuel technology, resolutely put an end to happen the fuel oil dripping phenomenon.

Four, the right traction machine. The correct adjustment fitting clearance of traction machine and the Angle of the traction. Tractor also should be not kuang, small card; Tire pressure to conform to the standard.

Five, the reasonable selection range. Correctly and reasonably select the tests.

6, maintain good air filter. Often the maintenance of air filter, a cloth or other objects around the air filter, keep the filter inlet flow, thus to reduce the resistance of the air intake.

Seven, don't change the direction of the exhaust pipe. Don't change the direction of the exhaust pipe, in order to avoid increases the resistance of exhaust, the engine oil consumption increase.

Eight, conventional adjusting valve clearance. Want to often adjustment of valve clearance. If the engine wear and tear caused by the distribution of the camshaft gears corresponding Angle decreases, and to the appropriate to reduce the valve clearance, to make up for the decrease of the distribution of the phase Angle. The camshaft as serious wear and tear shall be timely replacement.

Nine, adjust the clearance of transmission parts. Correct adjustment of each drive locomotive parts fit clearance, in order to reduce the transmission part of the motivation and consumption, thereby reducing fuel consumption and production cost.

Ten, not overload, empty running. The right choice of traction load, must do not overload, not speeding, don't run free.