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12 meters length wire rod digging pole machine to build the power grid engineering reform of capital Beijing

According to the weight and height of the concrete pole,Zhiyuan Machinery researched and developed one kind of 12 meters of wire rod digging holes and erecting poles integrated machine,which has the 
functions of drilling bits,suspender,erecting poles and bulldozing.

The functions of concrete pole drilling and lifting integrated machine are putting the cement poles which is consist of concrete and steel into the different models of holes or pits vertically,the distance of two poles is 40-50 meters in the town and 60-100 meters in the field.The concrete poles are strong and durable,corrosion resistance,temperature resistance,high strength,crack resistance,beautiful outside appearance,more convenient for city beautification,easier to maintain,also named as reinforced concrete poles,widely used in the industries of electric power,communication,railway,oil etc.

With the reform of electric power industry in energy development and consumption, implementation of clean energy alternative, the future large-scale wind power and photovoltaic grid connected operation makes power system by random fluctuations in the unilateral past gradually into bilateral random fluctuations. Pole pole digging machine will solve the constraints of sustainable development of human society and the environmental issues such as climate change energy. Out of a high technological content, good economic benefit, resource consumption low, little environmental pollution and human resource advantages into full play of the new road to industrialization, must put the sustainable development in an important position, to protect our country in the middle of this century to basically realize modernization.

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