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Disc type ditching machine is more suitable for farming in autumn

Disc ditching machine is modified suspension bracket, a cylinder, gearbox, row soil auger, spindle, disc cutter, soil mechanism, soil leveling mechanism of scraping on the base of four-wheel drive tractor model 50 by Zhiyuan Machinery and efficient and practical new ditching trenching machine equipment.

Disc type ditching machine operation is the tractor through a belt to rotate the transfer to the clutch and driving gearbox, transmission shaft and rear axle, so as to realize the disc ditching machine forward or backward motion in a straight line. Forward speed in a trench for 50 ~ 200 m / h, in a number of times into a ditch for 200 ~ 400 m / h.

Disc type ditching machine has the advantages of:
1: convenient loading and unloading, loading to the tractor less than half an hour, does not affect the tractor fall farmland cultivation.
2: the transportation and installation are convenient, customers do not have the tractor is consigned to the factory installed directly to the ditching machine to the customer's home, hanging back onto the tractor on it.
3: the operation is simple, as long as the user can control the tractor ditching operation.
4: ditching efficiency is high, about 300 meter per hour, the daily profit of 3-4 thousand yuan.
5, working speed: 150-500m/h
6, 15, 20, furrow width: 25, 40, 60, 80, 100cm
7, ditching depth: 0-210cm

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