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Disc ditching machine helps infrastructure.

Disc ditching machine helps infrastructure.

With the development of economy, the state has increased the basic construction, the number of underground pipelines, electric (optical) cable laying works has increased, and the quality requirements are improved. By artificial excavation, not only the efficiency is low, the groove excavation quality is poor, and can not meet the "minimally invasive" requirements. Zhiyuan machinery production disc ditching machine can effectively solve this problem.

A.Disc type ditching machine is divided into single and double disc rotary ditching machine:
A unitary rotating disk type ditching machine using low-speed a into a ditch and the soil cutting, polishing function of soil separate milling selling structure, has high production efficiency. Milling 7906 is in a frustum of cone disc and on both sides of the disk with several groups of soil cutting cutter and soil throwing plate. The angle between the plane and the ground is the slope of the trench wall, which is 40 degrees to 60 degrees.During the operation, milling by selling a tractor power output shaft is driveto rotate through the transmission system, the outer line speed is about 7 ~ 15 m / s.. The soil cut by the soil cutting knife milling is thrown out of the ditch by the soil throwing board. Forward speed in a trench for 50 ~ 200 m / h, in a number of times into a ditch for 200 ~ 400 m / h. 

B.double disc type rotary ditching machine (see photo) about the two symmetrical configurations of milling 7906.At the same time, the two disk milling and polishing ditch both sides of the soil. Single disc type rotary ditching machine only a milling selling,to milling ditch at the side of the soil,the other side inclined installation a straight to the soil cutting cutter,used to cut out the walls of the trench;cut soil fell on milling 7906,is selling milling cut soil together throw ditch,the structure of a double circular disc is simple,but traction resistance is large.

C.Disc ditching machine features:
1: convenient loading and unloading, loading to the tractor less than half an hour, does not affect the tractor fall farmland cultivation.
2: the transportation and installation are convenient, customers do not have the tractor is consigned to the factory installed directly to the ditching machine to the customer's home, hanging back 
onto the tractor on it.
3: the operation is simple, as long as the user can control the tractor ditching operation.
4: ditching efficiency is high, about 300 meter per hour, the daily profit of 3-4 thousand yuan.

D.Disc type work rotary ditching machine parameters:
Matching tractor power: 50--90 horsepower
Working speed: 150-500m/h
Furrow width: 15, 20, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100cm
Ditching depth: 0-210cm
Note: the width of opening, planting depth and matching tractor model can be adjusted according to the needs of the user.

E.Disc type rotary ditching machine main parts: 

1, tractor 2, a suspension bracket 3, cylinder 4, gearbox 5, row soil auger 6, spindle 7, a chain knife 8, a chain tensioning mechanism 9, scraping soil leveling mechanism.

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