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High-end market ditcher industry needs

High-end manufacturing at present in China already has a solid foundation of "going out", now need to synergies, trying to make the industry of the industrial chain of "going out", rather than a single enterprise.
To go out in the process, to reduce the equipment due to insufficient prophase research and some of the problems brought by the late maintenance is not enough, the meeting requirements of the state council, to build the capacity of upstream and downstream cooperation chain, pay attention to technical communication, maintenance service, be equipped to go out together with advance supporting services, cooperation capacity and technology upgrading.
Send strong breeze to promote China's equipment for equipment "sea" go out and docking international capacity to strengthen cooperation, cannot leave the financial support and the system guarantee of the government level.
Will be equipped to go out and financing means. USES the way of marketization, broaden the channels for using foreign exchange reserves, raise the level of export credit insurance. Construction renminbi cross-border payment system. Encourage enterprises and financial institutions to issue shares, bonds, etc in domestic and overseas financing.
In promoting high-end manufacturing aspects of "going out", China's huge foreign exchange reserves can play the role of several aspects.

Can set up more sovereign wealth funds, boldly extensive investment in some infrastructure projects throughout the world, is not only involved in the "area", also can invest to Latin America or Africa, or even the developed countries.

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